'Hangover' Logotype and Branding



The new place situated in historical part of Kiev, Ukraine. A place where you want to come after a stormy night, during and before. Huge portions of the most unhealthy, but so desired during a hangover, food in the world, with an emphasis on American cuisine. Great cocktails.


To develop a simple brand identity, which is not attached to age or social status, but for people who enjoy their lives, revellers, frequenters of bars, clubs and restaurants, leading a not very healthy lifestyle. Equal comfort for anyone - deputies or ordinary mortals. 

We are trying to say, that there is a place where you can feel yourself comfortable, even having a hangover. And your hangover is almost about to start a new party. 

Minimalism and simplicity. Neither bar or restaurant but just ‘Hangover’ and everyone has his personal experience of it. 

Photos by Marina Kokiashvili

Date: 2017 / Client: Hangover / Role: Graphic Designer / Tags: branding, hangover, identity, illustrations, logo, menu, restaurant, style /